Dr Emily Baxter

MMO Appointee – Marine Environment

Emily completed a BSc Honours in Marine Biology and Oceanography at the University of Plymouth in 2005.  Following this, she moved to Ireland to take up a PhD at University College Cork on the ecology and socio-economic impacts of jellyfish in Irish waters where she worked heavily with the salmon aquaculture industry.  After finishing in 2011, Emily worked with the aquaculture industry in Scotland, Ireland and Spain and undertook research as a visiting postdoctoral scientist at the Institute of Marine Science (ICM) in Barcelona and the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton.  In 2012, Emily started working for Cumbria Wildlife Trust managing their Marine Graduate Training Programme as well as a seafood and fishing project, before taking on the role of Marine Conservation Officer for the North West Wildlife Trusts (Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester & North Merseyside, and Cheshire).  Emily has been working closely with the NWIFCA over the past few years through collaboration and the supervision of the Trust’s Marine Trainees.  This reciprocal arrangement has allowed the trainees to gain valuable training in fisheries surveys and provided important data to the NWIFCA to inform their management decisions.  The main remit of Emily’s current role is marine policy, advocacy and data collection, focusing on engaging policy makers, regulating authorities, industries and members of the public with marine conservation issues.