Honda Big Red Quad Bike for Sale by Sealed Bid

For Sale: Honda Big Red Quad Bike

In poor condition and not fit for use in it’s current state. The bike has no key, no brakes, will not start and has not run since 2019. Sold as seen.

Inspection of the item before sale is not possible though highest bidder will be given first refusal.

The item was seized in 2019 under section 269 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act. The bike was advertised for a period of at least three months on the website and the VIN was checked with police. As no owner has been identified, the Authority is now selling the Quad Bike as permitted under section 274 of the Marine and Coastal Access Act.

This item is sold as seen by sealed bids. Please send your bid along with your name and contact telephone number by email to [email protected], bids must be received by 23:59 on Tuesday 30th November 2021. NWIFCA will contact the highest bidder to arrange for inspection and sale shortly after the closing date.