Survey and Inspection Reports

Every year NWIFCA officers conduct surveys of the main cockle and mussel beds across the District. Thus year, the reports are published here.

Full analysis of these reports alongside recommendations for the fisheries are provided in the relevant authority reports found here: 

Mussels 2023

Heysham Heysham Flat Mussel Inspection 09-05-23 (PDF)

Heysham Flat Mussel Inspection 19-06-23 (PDF)

Heysham Flat Mussel Inspection 02-08-23 (PDF)

Wyre End Wyre End Mussel Inspection 06-06-23 (PDF)
Fleetwood Fleetwood Mussel Inspection 07-06-23 (PDF)

Fleetwood Mussel Inspection 11-07-23 (PDF)

Fleetwood Mussel Inspection 03-08-23 (PDF)

Fleetwood Mussel Inspection 29-08-23 (PDF)

Fleetwood Mussel Inspection 03-10-23 (PDF)

Ellison Scar Ellison Scar Mussel Inspection 18-05-23 (PDF)
West Kirby West Kirby Mussel Inspection 23-05-23 (PDF)
Thurstaston Thurstaston Mussel Inspection 23-05-23 (PDF)
South America South America Mussel Inspection 07-07-23 (PDF)

South America Mussel Inspection 04-08-23 (PDF)

South America Mussel Inspection 01-09-23 (PDF)

Cockles 2023

Aldingham and Newbiggin Aldingham and Newbiggin Cockle Survey Note 11-07-23 (PDF)
Flookburgh Flookburgh Cockle Survey Note 4&5-07-23 (PDF)
Leven Leven Cockle Survey Note 17-07-23 (PDF)
Middleton Middleton Cockle Survey Note 25-07-23 (PDF)
Pilling Pilling Cockle Survey 10-07-23 (PDF)
Warton Warton Sands Inspection Note 16-05-23 (PDF)
Southport Southport Cockle 09-06-23 (PDF)
Lytham Lytham Cockle Inspection 20-06-23 (PDF)
Leasowe Leasowe Cockle Survey Note 24-07-23 (PDF)