Technical, Science and Byelaws Meeting

Meeting of the Technical, Science & Byelaw Sub-Committee. The full agenda and supporting documents are published below.

Click here to download the minutes for this meeting.

This meeting will be held digitally at 10:00 on 12th May by Zoom and Streamed to Youtube
Agenda Item Lead Officer Supporting Documents
1.  Chairman’s Announcements Chair
2.  Declarations of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interest in Agenda items Chair
3.  To receive the Minutes of the Technical, Science and Byelaw Sub-Committee meeting held on 4th February 2020 Chair Minutes
4.  Matters Arising (including Chair’s Summary of Actions) Chair
5.  Survey and Inspection Report Senior Scientist Report 5

Annex A

Annex B

6.   District Fisheries February – April 2020 Head of Enforcement Verbal
7.   Virus Restrictions and Home Working CEO Report 7
8.   Byelaw Review Chair Report 8

Annex A

9.   Science Report Senior Scientist Report 9
10. Any Other Business