The North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority has thirty members. Ten members come from the constituent councils. Seventeen members are appointed by the Marine Management Organisation (MMO). There are three statutory seats for the MMO, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

NWIFCA Members List


Members Appointed by Constituent Local Authorities

Councillor A. J. Markley Cumberland Council
Councillor J. Boak  Westmorland and Furness Council 
Councillor J. Hugo Blackpool Borough Council
Councillor S. Clarke & Councillor J. Parr Lancashire County Council (2)
Councillor S. McGinnity Sefton Council
Councillor G. Davies Wirral Council
Councillor B. Woolfall Halton Borough Council
Awaiting Appointment Liverpool City Council
Councillor Hugo Deyem Cheshire West & Chester Council

Statutory Appointees

Mr J. Turner Environment Agency
Mr S. Johnston Marine Management Organisation
Mr L. Browning Natural England

Appointed by Marine Management Organisation

Dr J. Andrews Marine Environment
Mr N. Baxter Marine Environment
Mr R. Benson Commercial
Mr S. Brown Recreational
Mr P. Capper Marine Environment
Mr. R. Donnan Commercial
Mr W. Friend Recreational (Angling)
Mr T. Jones  Marine Environment
Mr B. Leigh Recreational (Angling)
Mr R. Lomax Recreational
Mr S. Manning Commercial
Mr G. Pidduck Commercial
Miss C. Salthouse Marine Environment
Mr L. Stainton Recreational
Mr K. Thompson Commercial (Aquaculture)
Mr. D. Williams Recreational

NWIFCA Technical, Science and Byelaws Sub-Committee Members


Members elected to the Sub-Committee

Mr B. Leigh (Chair) MMO Appointee – Recreational Angling
Mr N. Baxter MMO Appointee – Marine Environment
Mr S. Brown MMO Appointee – Marine Environment
Mr S. Manning MMO Appointee – Commercial
Mr K. Thompson MMO Appointee – Commercial
Mr R. Benson MMO Appointee – Commercial
Awaiting Appointment MMO Appointee – Marine Environment

Statutory Members

Mr J. Turner Environment Agency
Mr L. Browning Natural England
Mr S. Johnston Marine Management Organisation

Ex Officio Members

Mr P. Capper Chairman of the NWIFCA
Dr J. Andrews MMO Appointee – Marine Environment