Fisheries Management Plan

This page provides information on the development of nation wide Fisheries Management Plans (FMP) as part of the Fisheries Act 2020. The proposed FMPS’s are evidence based action plans whose purpose is to ‘deliver sustainable fisheries for current and future generations’.

In collaboration with partners and the fishing sector, DEFRA are responsible for the development of FMPs. Policymakers, environmental groups, scientists and other marine sectors are also involved in this process.

There are 43 proposed FMP’S currently listed in The Joint Fisheries Statement. There are currently 6 front runner FMPs that DEFRA are prioritising for delivery in 2023. Different plan preparation plans will be piloted through these frontrunners. Any lessons learnt will be used to shape future FMP development. Each frontrunner has a delivery partner who are working with DEFRA to implement plans that represent a range of views.

Each frontrunner FMP has a delivery partner who is working with DEFRA and stakeholders to draft plans that represent a wide range of views. Once published, FMPs will be implemented, monitored, reviewed and updated to ensure they remain fit for purpose.

Below are links to government pages.

Fisheries Act 2020

Joint Fisheries Statement 

List of FMPs 


For the FMPS relevant to our district please follow the links below.

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