Lancashire Sea Fisheries Committee

The Lancashire Sea Fisheries Committee was formed in 1890. The original Committee consisted of 63 members including 6 Councillors from Lancashire and representatives from the 12 County Boroughs including inland counties such as Bolton, Burnley, Oldham, Rochdale and Salford. There were 3 representatives of the Boards of Salmon Conservators for the 3 main rivers Kent, Lune and Dee and 23 representatives of the Board of Trade.


On the 2nd October 1890 the committee held its first meeting. Mr John Fell was appointed chairman, standing orders were drafted and approved, accounts were set up and the first precept for 3/64 of 1 penny in the pound raised £3803 11s 2d. A subcommittee was established to draft byelaws and by mid 1891 the first 11 byelaws had been approved by the Board of Trade.

Banning the Jumbo

Controversially the first byelaws banned the use of the jumbo (a device used for cockle picking) resulting in an outcry from concerned cocklers who wrote a letter to the Committee.

It read:

To the Honarable Fisheries Committee of the County of Lancaster, the humble memorial of the undersigned showeth that many of the undersigned are poor fishermen with scanty and precarious earnings; That they have heard with surprise and alarm that the regulations of your Committee are expected to forbid the use of the machine known as the jumbo in taking cockles from the sand. That if so, a large number of the older and weaker cocklers will be thrown out of employ and will find their bread taken away and that the said machine is harmless in its operation as may be seen by anyone who will view it when at work. Your memorialists therefore pray that they may be allowed the use of the jumbo as heretofore and that no regulation be issued to forbid it.

The Committee considered the petition however they were unable to entertain the application. The ban was eventually lifted in 1892 when it became legal to use a jumbo between November and March.

Service During the World Wars

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Cumbria Sea Fisheries Committee

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North West Sea Fisheries Committee

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North Western and North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee

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