Dr Cristina Mihailovici

I am passionate about marine pollution, ships and marine engineering since my childhood.

This was the reason why I have finished a MBA in Marine Management and also a Doctorate in Nautical Science and Engineering and why I dedicate all my professional and academical life to maritime.

I am also an economist with a degree in Financial management, and I am focused on maritime economics.

I have 25 years solid professional and academical experience in marine management, climate change, marine pollution, sustainability, project management and education and training.

I am a part time associate professor for various international institutions in Europe, USA or Africa, also a lecturer in the UK and I have published over 30 academic and research articles and attending various international maritime conferences on different topics like ship recycling and Hong King Convention, INCOTERMS in the shipping industry, Sustainability in maritime, marine pollution, shipbuilding and navigation.

One of my achievements is like Doctor in Nautical Science and Maritime Engineering, when I was playing a major role, the Chairman Session for the Maritime Transport 2012 Congress, Barcelona and I was coordinating the Session of Shipbuilding, Yachts and Navigation.

I am passionate about all sustainable development goals and I am focused specially on UN SDG 13 Climate action, UN SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, UN SDG 14, Life below water, which is including a sustainable fishing and many others.

I am involved in many community projects and I was working also for the Mersey Port Health Authority.

I am the CEO for a Community Interest Company, Sustainable World Generation CIC, dedicated to education and climate change projects for the community benefits.

I am a volunteer member of the NHS Mersey Care, involved in COVID 19 actions, and also a trustee for the charity Merseyside Environmental Trust.

Also, I am a writer, writing since my childhood poems and educational stories dedicated to nature and climate change. Last story, written together with my daughter Nicole Noelia, it’s dedicated to climate change, sustainability and protection of the marine environment, encouraging young generation to protect seas and oceans specially from plastic pollution.

All these passions, qualifications and expertise were determining me to apply to this role with MMO, NW IFCA, in which I am honoured to be included like a member of the Committee.