Dr Jim Andrews

MMO Appointee – Marine Environment

Jim Andrews is an independent marine fisheries and environmental consultant based in Cumbria. He has worked with the fishing industry in North West England for over 20 years. His previous experience includes working for English Nature in the early 1990s before working for the North Western & North Wales Sea Fisheries Committee (the predecessor to the NW-IFCA) between 1996 and 2005. He has an extensive practical knowledge of both fisheries and environmental management and enforcement under UK and EC legislation. Jim has formal legal training and qualifications, with a special interest in the policy, governance and management of fisheries impacts on marine ecosystems. As an independent consultant he has provided advice to government, conservation bodies, fisheries managers, environmental NGOs, fishermen and marine infrastructure companies throughout the UK. Jim has also worked on over 20 Marine Stewardship Council fishery assessments in locations including the UK, Europe, Japan, India, and Australia.