Stephen Manning

MMO Appointee – Commercial

Born into a fishing family at Flookburgh, I can trace my fishing ancestry back to the 1700s my father and grandfather both served on the sea fisheries committees.  I served in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineer and was on deployment to the Far East and West Indies in the frigates Charybdis and Dido.  After leaving the RN I worked as a submarine commissioning engineer in Barrow shipyard.  I took up full time fishing again in 1993.

I am passionate about fishing and the environment.  Having a son and nephew in the business I am constantly working for sustainability.  I was a liaison officer on the Irish Sea Conservation Zones project and was involved with the Morecambe Bay Partnership right from the start.

I have built up a wide knowledge of all things fishing, industrial and recreational in the Irish Sea, and hundreds of contacts in connection with most activities that take place on the North West coast of England and beyond.  I am pleased to be able to bring this experience to the NWIFCA.