Morecambe Bay Seed Mussel Fisheries Update

Perch and Black Scar

The mussel was inspected on 26th July and is currently not in a condition suitable for dredging, NWIFCA will carry out further inspection in two weeks’ time to assess the condition.

Heysham Flat

The mussel was inspected on 23rd July has already started to scour and is very loose across a large percentage of the bed. The hand gathered seed fishery will open as soon as permits and access has been agreed with the council.


The mussel was inspected on 25th July, from the area inspected there has been a decrease in stock with areas of exposed hard substrate and Sabellaria alveolata consistent across the bed. Due to the fishery not being HRA compliant the fishery will remain closed and NWIFCA will carry out further inspections to monitor the situation.

South America

The mussel was inspected on 26th July, the mussel is very loose and on a mixture of sand, sandy mud and mud. The fishery has undergone a HRA with formal advice from Natural England agreeing with officer assessment of potential impacts.

As of 30th July South America is open by authorisation to Byelaw 3 permit holders and by a permitted dredge fishery.

View Byelaw 3 Authorisation (pdf)

View HRA – 27th July 2021 (pdf)