Byelaw 3 – Permit Holder – Consultation

At the request of the Authority, NWIFCA officers are consulting Byelaw 3 permit holders on their views regarding leaving open cockle beds in the District until the 31st May 2021. This is as a result over external pressures faced by industry during the coronavirus pandemic and post EU exit.

This would only apply to beds currently open (Newbiggin, Flookburgh, Leven and Pilling) and would be subject to stock assessments, HRA (Habitats Regulation Assessment) and approval by the TSB committee. There may be the need to have fishing restrictions to ensure the beds are not over exploited.

NWIFCA will continue to assess the cockle stocks within the district and further consider management options for any potential opening of cockle beds for the 2021/2022 season, which may involve seeking your views again.

Please could you submit your response by email to [email protected] by Friday 9th April. Please state clearly in the email, your name and if Newbiggin, Flookburgh, Leven and Pilling should remain open until 31st May 2021 or close on the 1st May 2021.