Byelaw 3 Permit Holders: Authorisation to Remove Undersize Mussel from South America/Falklands Skears

Following unanimous agreement at the Bivalve Mollusc Working Group (BMWG) meeting held on 3rd May 2018, NWIFCA has issued an Authorisation to Byelaw 3 permit holders to remove undersize mussel from a specified area on the South America/Falklands skears in north Morecambe Bay.

The authorisation is limited to specific tides for 6 days starting on 14th May. Full details of conditions under which all gathering must be carried out are within the authorisation, along with the mapping and co-ordinates of the only areas open for fishing.

The authorisation can be found here: South America/Falklands Authorisation

A full Habitats Regulations Assessment for this fishery will be posted later this week.

Further discussion on this area will take place at the next BMWG meeting to be held on 6th June following further survey and inspection.