Heysham Flat Part Bed Closure

An area of Heysham Flat has been closed under Byelaw 13a to protect the Honeycomb worm (Sabellaria alveolata) reef. For more information see the closure details below.

Heysham Flat Mussel Fishery Part Bed Closure

Under Byelaw 13A, no person shall remove, take or disturb any mussel within the part of the mussel bed shown in the map below and bound by the co-ordinates given, at Heysham Flat, Morecambe Bay, with effect from 00:01 of Tuesday 13th December 2016, until midnight of 30th June 2017.


These positions are referred to the WGS(84) datum (degrees and decimal minutes).

For further information, contact the Authority’s Carnforth Office.


  1. The closure is necessary to protect the Sabellaria alveolata (honeycomb worm) reef feature of the European Marine Site.
  2. The closure applies to all people fishing for mussels, whether for pleasure or profit, and whatever the fishing method.

Download the Closure Notice