Leasowe Cockle Bed – North Wirral Foreshore

The NWIFCA Technical Science and Byelaws Sub-committee has approved the authorisation of a restricted cockle fishery at Leasowe cockle bed, North Wirral Foreshore from Monday 30th September. All current NWIFCA Byelaw 3 permit holders must ensure they understand the conditions under which they are authorised to gather cockles by hand. Gathering of cockles by any other person is not authorised and is a breach of NWSFC Byelaw 13A and NWIFCA Byelaw 3.

The fishery is only open 3 days each week (Monday to Wednesday). Weekly returns are required by Thursday 1700hrs each week. A Total Allowable Catch of 400 tonnes has been set to ensure there is sufficient cockle food resource remaining from the fishery for protected overwintering bird species.

Click here to view the full authorisation.

Access Permits

You must obtain access permits from Safe Water to use your quad bike. The contact details for Safe Water are listed below:

Safe Water Training Sea School Ltd.
68 Victoria Parade
New Brighton
CH45 2PH

Telephone: 0151 630 0466
E-Mail: [email protected]