(Updated 17/1/19) Leven, Flookburgh, Newbiggin and Pilling Cockle Fisheries Update

Update 17/01/19 (2)

The authorisation’s for the Flookburgh, Leven and Newbiggin Craam only fisheries are available below:

Flookburgh and Leven Sands Craam Only Fishery Authorisation

Newbiggin Craam Only Fishery Authorisation

Details on the partial lifting of the 13a closure at Pilling is available below:

Pilling Partial Lifting of 13a Closure

Update 17/01/19

All shellfish removed for human consumption from Pilling Sands East must be accompanied by a shellfish registration document. Shellfish registration documents can be obtained from Wyre Council food safety section.

Visit http://www.wyre.gov.uk/info/200408/food_safety/1022/shellfish_harvesting to obtain information regarding the legal requirements surrounding the harvesting of shellfish for human consumption and links to obtain Registration Documents.

Update 16/01/19

The opening of Leven, Flookburgh, Newbiggin and Pilling has been approved. The fisheries will open at 12:00 (midday) on 21/01/19. Authorisations for the fisheries will be published soon.

Posted 08/01/19

Officers are working to open the following beds on 21st January 2019:

  • Leven, Flookburgh and Newbiggin as craam only fisheries.
  • The east section of Pilling by lifting the Byelaw 13a closure.

The opening of the beds is subject to Technical, Science and Byelaws Sub-Committee approval and the approval of the HRA by Natural England.

This post and the Cockle fisheries page will be updated with further developments.

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