Leven Sands Cockle Fishery – Amended Authorised Area

Due to some shifting of sands and cockle on the Leven Sands cockle bed the area has been slightly amended to include a small extension to the south-east of the bed.

Please refer to the map in the authorisation in relation to point B.

All other conditions within the authorisation remain unchanged.

Download the authorisation.


Issue Date:   16th December 2016
Expiry Date:   30th April 2017 


All Byelaw 3 permit holders are hereby authorised to remove size cockles, between and inclusive of the dates specified, from the Leven Sands bed defined at paragraphs 2 and 3 in accordance with this authorisation, and are responsible for complying with the conditions given below at paragraph 1.

1. Conditions of Authorisation to Remove Size Cockle

This authorisation is issued subject to the following conditions.

a) Removal of size cockles is permitted only during the period 16th December 2016 to 30th April 2017 inclusive.

b) That size cockle is only gathered from the Leven Sands cockle bed as defined by the authorised box in paragraph 2.

c) Access to and access from the fishery will be via the hard core track off Moor Lane (West Plain) (SD 36892 74153) only, as defined in paragraph 3.

d) Access to and from the fishery is permitted for ATV and tractors only;

e) No person shall fish, transit, ton up or park any vehicle on the saltmarsh;

f) Care must be taken while driving to ensure the safety of livestock, pedestrians or other people using the road, track or beach;

g) No person shall place cockles that have just been fished into a container unless they have been passed through a rigid riddle designed to retain cockles which will not pass through a gauge having a square opening of 20mm measured across each side (NWIFCA Byelaw 3. para. 8);

h) Undersize cockle must be returned immediately to the bed and spread evenly around the area from which it was removed to avoid damage to juvenile stock;

i) Permit holders must ensure that litter and fuel spills are avoided in order to prevent damage to wildlife and the natural environment of Morecambe Bay. Any significant breach of this condition could result in action being taken (see o) and the fishery closed;

j) The authorisation is only valid for Byelaw 3 permit holders;

k) All Byelaw 3 permit holders must be in possession of a valid permit, which must be carried at all times whilst accessing the fishery. Permits must be shown to warranted NWIFCA Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officers (IFCO) on request, or any other person acting under the supervision or direction of an IFCO (MACAA. s.260(2));

l) Byelaw 3 permit holders must not obstruct an IFCO pursuant to MACCA s292(4) carrying out a relevant function pursuant to MACCA s287;

m) All Byelaw 3 permit holders must submit returns to NWIFCA on a monthly basis and no later than the 5th day of the following month;

n) This authorisation does not exonerate the holder from other sea fisheries legislation, nor does it prejudice any other consents the holder may need to obtain, nor does it override or provide permission to go over private land;

o) The fishery may be closed with immediate effect by the NWIFCA, or appropriate management action taken if in the opinion of NWIFCA Officers or Scientists, there is a failure to comply with these conditions or there is damage to the beds or the saltmarsh through access or over-fishing, or there are high levels of disturbance to the birds and a risk of adverse effect identified to the European Site;

p) Any damage to conservation features could lead to prosecution by Natural England;

q) The NWIFCA will close the fishery during periods of prolonged cold weather following Cold Weather Protocols for Wildfowling the fishery would be closed (see BASC Code of Practice – https://basc.org.uk/cop/wildfowling/).

2. Definition of Area for of the Leven Sands Cockle Bed

An illustration of the area authorised for fishing is given below


3. Definition of Access Point at Moor Lane (West Plain)

Access only via the hard core track off Moor Lane (West Plain) – Grid reference SD 36892 74153


This authorisation may be revoked by the NWIFCA at any time and any breach of the terms or conditions of this authorisation shall make it null and void.

By Order of the Authority
STEPHEN ATKINS Chief Executive