Marine Planning Engagement Iteration 3 Coming to an End

The Marine Management Organisation’s (MMO) Iteration 3 marine planning engagement is coming to an end.

Between 21 January until 29 March 2019 they have been engaging on their work to date in the development of the north west, north east, south west and south east and marine plans (Iteration 3).

This engagement provides an opportunity to input towards the development of marine plans in your area. The engagement focuses on:

  • preferred draft policies;
  • draft supporting text for policies including on implementation.

You still have until 29 March to complete the on-line engagement.

The on-line engagement is the most comprehensive way to view and provide comment on these Iteration 3 products. Just select the topics you have an interest in and complete the short survey for each one.

If you have any queries please contact the MMO’s Marine Planning team at [email protected]