Morecambe Bay Cockle Fisheries

At the meeting of the NWIFCA’s Technical Science and Byelaws Sub-Committee 11th August, approval was given for the opening of the following cockle fisheries from 1st September in Morecambe Bay: Newbiggin, Leven Sands, Flookburgh, Pilling Sands. The stock is of a low level quantity. Aldingham will remain closed until classified, which  expected mid October.

A decision on Leasowe cockle bed will be announced next week. The recommendation is that it should be closed under NWSFC Byelaw 13a. Stock levels are below those required for bird food mitigation for overwintering oystercatchers and the fishery would not be Habitats Regulations compliant.

All other cockle beds within the District will be closed under NWSFC Byelaw 13a and CSFC Byelaw 18 from 1st September.