Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm – Dropped object & debris recovery

There was unfortunately a dropped object incident at the Ormonde Offshore Wind Farm on Friday 15th October 2021, during which a rotor and 3 turbine blades fell into the water. A Kingfisher bulletin was issued.

Subsequently, various sized fragments of the 3 blades have been washing up on the beaches along the Cumbrian coast, from Walney Island and north towards Workington and Whitehaven.

Ambipar Response https://ambipar.com/uk/ (an Environmental Response contractor), have been enlisted to assist in the clean-up operation. They currently have 5 teams working along the coastline, collecting debris that they identify, and we ask that members of the public report any sightings of debris via the dedicated reporting phone line 0333 4141 912.

When the weather allows, it is intended that a RIB will be deployed to assist nearshore surveys.

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