Penfold Cockle Fishery Information for Buyers

Cost for use of Sefton Council Site & Provided Facilities

Buyers must contact Gordon White ([email protected]) at Sefton Council regarding payment towards the costs of facilities provided.

Buyers will be invoiced by Sefton Council for a share of the costs and will have 28 days to pay. All payment methods taken by Sefton Council will be shown on the invoice.

Vehicles Provided by Buyers

Buyers who provide vehicles such as quad bikes for fishers to access the beds must supply Sefton Council with the company’s insurance details that cover those vehicles for permit purposes.

Removal of Support Worker Permits

With the confirmation of the revised version of Byelaw 3, we no longer issue Support Worker Permits. People who do not hold a valid Byelaw 3 permit will not be permitted to access the fishery. Tonning up and all other ancillary activities must be carried out in the areas provided by Sefton Council.