Penfold Cockle Fishery Suspended until 22nd December

Notice updated 17/12/2022

Due to the extended period of extraordinarily cold weather NWIFCA is suspending the Penfold cockle fishery for a period of 5 days (inclusive of the weekend).

The Southport Cockle Fishery Habitats Regulation Assessment states:

NWIFCA will carry out an assessment of risk in conjunction with Natural England during periods of cold weather and may close the fishery if cold weather is predicted to be below zero for more than 12 hours a day for 5 consecutive and if advice is that fishing poses a risk to SPA features.

NWIFCA consulted with NE regarding the risk to SPA bird features and acted on advice received.

Therefore, the fishery will be closed under paragraph 6 of the flexible permit conditions from Monday 19th, Tuesday 20th and Wednesday 21st of December to allow intertidal birds the chance to feed without disturbance during severe weather conditions.

The amended times are available below:

NWIFCA Byelaw 3 Penfold Cockle Fishery Permitted Fishing Days and Tides
Month Date Day Low Water Information
AM Tide PM Tide
Time Time
December 1st Thu 11:35 Closed PM
2nd Fri Closed AM 12:48
3rd Sat

Closed on Weekends

4th Sun
5th Mon Closed AM 14:45
6th Tue Closed AM 16:30
7th Wed Closed AM 17:10
8th Thu Closed AM 17:48
9th Fri Closed AM 18:24
10th Sat

Closed on Weekends

11th Sun
12th Mon 7:29 Closed PM
13th Tue 8:03 Closed PM
14th Wed 8:43 Closed PM
15th Thu 9:23 Closed PM
16th Fri 10:24 Closed PM
17th Sat Closed on Weekends
18th Sun
19th Mon Closed due to prolonged cold weather
20th Tue Closed due to prolonged cold weather
21st Wed Closed due to prolonged cold weather
22nd Thu Closed AM 16:42
23rd Fri Closed AM 17:34
24th Sat

Closed on Weekends

25th Sun
26th Mon 7:32 Closed PM
27th Tue 8:21 Closed PM
28th Wed 9:10 Closed PM
29th Thu 10:03 Closed PM
30th Fri 11:01 Closed PM
31st Sat

Closed on Weekends