Potting Permit Byelaw 2020 – Recreational Permits

Invitation to Those Who Fish Recreationally With Pots to Apply for Permits

The NWIFCA Potting Permit Byelaw 2020 was submitted to Defra for final sign off on 15th February 2022, having been through the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) quality assurance process with the recommendation that the byelaw is confirmed by the Secretary of State. It is likely that the byelaw will be confirmed in the following month/s. NWIFCA is inviting stakeholders who recreationally fish with pots to apply for a Category 2 permit using the application form available at the bottom of the page.

The NWIFCA is continuing to carry out the administrative exercise prior to the byelaw being signed to ensure the byelaw can be practically implemented as swiftly as possible once the Secretary of State confirms the byelaw.

No payments will be accepted until the byelaw is confirmed, at which point providing all the requirements for obtaining a permit have been met, applicants will be contacted to make payment.

All permits will be valid for the period 1 October to 30 September the following year. Upon confirmation of the byelaw, the first permit shall be valid for the remainder of the first 12 months to 30 September, and to 30 September in the subsequent year.

No permits will be issued until payments have been processed.

To assist applications the Byelaw and Flexible Permit Conditions are provided below in the format sent to the Secretary of State for sign off. A guidance document explaining Category Two permits in plain English can be downloaded below.

For those who have currently have a North Western Sea Fisheries Committee Byelaw 30 Permit and/or and Cumbria Sea Fisheries Committee Byelaw 26 Permit you will receive a letter stating that at the time the byelaw is sign that the current permits will be revoked and receive an application form for the new byelaw to be completed.

Download Category 2 Permit Application Form (Word Document)
View Byelaw 4 – Potting Permit (PDF)
View Flexible Permit Conditions
View Category 2 Guidance (PDF)