Reports of Illegal Cockle Picking in Morecambe Bay

On the 13th June, the North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority (NWIFCA) received reports of eight individuals picking cockles at Morecambe. The activity was on a very small scale and only a small quantity of shellfish had been removed.  The main target of the fishing activity was found to be other bivalve species; though some cockles had been taken. It was concluded that the gathering was for personal consumption. Currently, all cockle beds within the district are closed and a closed season is in place until 31st August. Taking this into account, all identified individuals will receive warning letters.

The NWIFCA would like to remind people that offences could lead to a fine on conviction of up to £50,000.

If you see any suspicious fishing activity please report it to the NWIFCA via email at [email protected] or by phone on 01524 727970.