Your Views Wanted: Review of Policies, Procedures and Governance of the Authority

The NWIFCA aims “to lead, champion and manage a sustainable marine environment and inshore fisheries by successfully securing the right balance between social, environmental and economic benefits to ensure healthy seas, sustainable fisheries and a viable industry”. Further details on the NWIFCA constitution can be found here and Defra guidance to the IFCAs can be found here.

NWIFCA have commissioned Risk & Policy Analysts (RPA) to review the policies, procedures and governance of the Authority to ensure that they are appropriate for current and future challenges. The survey is designed to allow you to provide your views of the policies, procedures and governance of the Authority. The results will feed into the interviewing process that will form the next stage of this review.

In accordance with RPA protocols and government guidelines (i.e. Cyber Essentials: plus all survey data will be handled securely, confidentially and sensitively. RPA are happy to send an email attachment to participants who have difficulties accessing the survey online. If you prefer an emailed version, then please contact either Elle Claiborn on [email protected] or Gurpreet Padda on [email protected] or please telephone the team on +44 (0)1603 558442, +44 (0)1603 558101, or +44 (0)1603 558516

The survey is expected to take 10 minutes. Please respond by the survey deadline of 12th March 2021.

Thank you for your time!