Delayed Due to Covid-19 – We’re Recruiting (2 Vacancies)

Thank you to all who applied for the positions advertised below. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 we have had to delay the shortlisting process while we adjusted operations to work from home. We hope to contact everyone who has applied as soon as possible.


 NWIFCA is a lead regulator protecting the inshore marine environment and fisheries in the North West of England. NWIFCA District extends from the Welsh border in the south to the Scottish border in the north and seawards out to 6 miles

 Two vacancies are currently available in fisheries management with NWIFCA:

  1. Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Advisor (Based in Carnforth): working in a Team of 4 under the direction of the Senior Scientist with travel throughout the District.
  1. Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officer (Based in Whitehaven) to work as part of NWIFCA enforcement team both on shore and at sea under the Head of Enforcement.

The following terms apply to both posts:

Salary Scale:                £21,166 – £28,785 from 1 April 2019

Local Government Scale 11-25; starting point according to experience rising by one point per year subject to annual assessments

Pension:                        Local government scheme (defined benefits and employer contributions)

Hours of work:              37 hour per week with ‘flexitime’.  Both posts involve working unsocial hours, including early mornings, late evenings and weekends as required by tides and survey and enforcement duties

Medical:                        Appointment for both posts is dependent on passing an ML5 Medical

BPSS Check:               This will be carried out before appointment


If you have any queries please email [email protected]


How to apply for either post (please specify which):

Send your application by 2359hrs on the closing date of 3 March 2020 to:

  • [email protected] (email applications will be acknowledged)  OR
  • NWIFCA, 1 Preston Street, Carnforth LA5 9BY


Your application should include:


  1. A curriculum vitae including the following information:
  • Name and current address, phone number and email
  • Full employment history, including any gaps
  • All qualifications completed with results
  • Full educational history from starting secondary school, with results and grades
  • Details of any IT skills, qualifications and experience
  • Details of any relevant marine or fisheries experience
  • Details of any relevant courses completed e.g. boat handling or marine safety
  • Details of driving licence (full, clean and which driving categories)
  • Details of driving experience including towing trailers
  • Interests and hobbies
  • Details of any cautions or convictions you have received
  • Names and addresses (with phone and email if possible) of 2 referees, one of which should be your most recent employer (or academic tutor).


  1. A hand written letter of up to 100 words including the following information:
  • which post you are applying for
  • why you are interested
  • where you saw the post advertised
  • the letter may be scanned and attached to an email

Detailed job descriptions and requirements for both posts are given below:


  1. Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Advisor (Based in Carnforth): working in a

Team of 4 under the direction of the Senior Scientist with travel throughout the District.

Job Title: Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Advisor
Job Purpose
  • To promote sustainable use of marine resources
  • To contribute to presentation of advice to the Authority
  • Impact assessment of fishing activity
  • Stock assessment and species survey, GIS mapping, data analysis
  • Reporting to the Authority and to Government
  • Development of survey capacity of NWIFCA patrol vessel, based in Whitehaven
  • Priorities include shellfish stock assessment and whelk fisheries management
Main Tasks Monitoring and Survey Work and Reporting

  • Assessing the impact of fisheries activities on Marine Protected Areas
  • Preparation and presentation of reports to advise the Authority on management
  • Intertidal and sea survey, data collection, analysis and advice to the Authority
  • Shellfish and sea fish stock assessments and development of management advice
  • Using GIS to create data tables, graphs and maps/charts to inform advice
  • Keeping up to date with policy and new developments in fisheries management
  • Undertaking required training to carry out field work duties
  • Using ATV and vessels in all weathers and at all hours usually dependant on tides
  • Undertaking enforcement training if required to support NWIFCA enforcement team

Policy Advice, Consultations and Liaison

  • Providing advice on fisheries and conservation policy and management
  • Maintaining a wide knowledge of UK environmental and fisheries legislation and European Marine Sites, MCZ, SSSIs, and Ramsar site
  • Liaison and joint working with partner agencies such as MMO, Environment Agency, Natural England, local councils, GLAA, CEFAS, NGOs and many others
  • Liaison with the fishing industry, fisheries and conservation stakeholders, and representing the Authority at meetings
  • Co-ordinating NWIFCA response to consultations on marine developments
  • Providing a response to enquiries from the fishing industry and the public
Training (provided in post where necessary)
  • Sea Survival & First Aid
  • RYA SRC (VHF) Certification
  • ATV Course, Towing Course, Manual Handling
  • Powerboat Level 2




  • Good degree, in a Marine, Fisheries or Environmental subject
  • MSc (Fisheries or Marine Environment)


  • Experience of fisheries and/or marine environmental management or surveys
  • Willing to assist with underwater survey e.g. drop down cameras, side scan, grab
  • Report writing & verbal presentation
  • Experience of fisheries or marine environmental management
  • Experience of marine survey skills
  • Involvement with the enforcement of marine conservation legislation


  • Good knowledge of UK fisheries and marine environment.
  • Knowledge of fisheries legislation, byelaws, marine conservation, NGOs

Technical Skills

  • Appointment will be dependent on passing a ML5 Medical.
  • Full UK driving licence is required.
  • IT skills in Word, Excel, Outlook, GIS.
  • Good communication skills
  • Advanced GIS especially MapInfo
  • Database use and development
  • Experience of ATVs and towing trailers
  • Boat experience/qualifications

Personal Attributes

  • Enthusiasm for marine environment
  • Confident in dealing with stakeholders
  • Self-motivated & good team worker
  • Flexible to handle changing work
  • Equal enjoyment of both desk based analysis and outdoor field work
  • Experience of dealing with a wide variety of people


  1. Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Officer (Based in Whitehaven) to work as part of NWIFCA enforcement team both on shore and at sea under Head of Enforcement.
Job Purpose
  • Maintain and enhance the sustainability of inshore fisheries and implement NWIFCA conservation duties throughout the NWIFCA District as required
  • Increase compliance with fisheries regulations by planning and executing regular patrols and undertaking enforcement operations
  • Enforce the IFCA byelaws, EC and National fisheries legislation through the inspection of landings and vessels in harbours and ports and inter tidal areas
  • Protect the marine environment from harm or damage and report relevant incidents
  • Undertake surveys of the inshore and offshore marine environment
  • Assist with a variety of fisheries and marine environmental projects
  • Carry out other duties as required by the NWIFCA to deliver its statutory duties
  • Undertake training as required for the post
Main Tasks
  • Record fishing activity by location, numbers of fishers, vessels and types of fishing activity and collect fisheries intelligence
  • Inspect and record fishing catches and gear
  • Take consistent risk based enforcement action to prevent illegal fishing activity
  • Collect evidence when offences are detected and submit to the Head of Enforcement
  • Prepare written witness statements, and appear in court as a witness when required
  • Prepare quarterly reports for the NWIFCA and other reports as required
  • Protect the marine environment, collect data and report relevant incidents
  • Assist with environmental survey and monitoring
  • Build good relationships with NWIFCA coastal community
  • Meet and get to know stakeholders including fishers and anyone interested in the sea
  • Provide advice on proposed changes to byelaws, fisheries and conservation objectives
  • Supply information to ensure fishers and the public are aware of the regulations
  • Develop and maintain contacts other agencies and groups on NWIFCA policies
  • Represent  NWIFCA at meetings and giving presentations when required
  • Assist with fisheries and conservation policy formulation.
  • Ensure that any vehicles, vessels, equipment are correctly maintained
  • Work with the Authority’s stakeholders to deliver the IFCA objectives


Essential training will be provided in post where necessary including:

  • IFCA Officers Training Course – Torquay
  • Sea Survival (PST), First Aid, Safety Awareness, Fire Fighting, ATV courses
  • RYA SRC (VHF) Certification
  • ML5 Certificate




  • Good general education (supply details)
  • A minimum of 5 GCSEs or equivalent, including English and Mathematics
  • Seamanship qualifications
  • RYA Powerboat certificate level 2
  • Higher education in marine subject
  • Experience of outdoor work e.g.boat handling, fisheries, environmental survey work or other marine field work
  • Dealing with members of the public
  • Enforcement experience
  • Experience of fisheries
  • Ability to handle boats
  • Knowledge of fisheries legislation


  • Knowledge of the fishing industry and marine conservation issues
  • Knowledge of fisheries legislation and NWIFCA byelaws

Technical Skills

  • Good general IT skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Able to keep accurate written records
  • Full current UK driving licence
  • Able to handle ATVs and tow trailers
  • Small boat experience/qualifications
  • Short report writing
  • Basic ability with GIS packages

Personal attributes

  • Enthusiasm for marine environment
  • Self motivated and good team worker
  • Willing to work outdoors in all weathers
  • Physical fitness – the appointee will be required to pass an MCA medical (ML5)
  • Experience of dealing with a wide variety of people
  • Experience of handling members of the public in difficult situations
  • Familiar with Cumbrian coast