Quarterly Meeting

Quarterly Meeting of the Authority. The full agenda and and reports are published below.

Digital Meeting Details

The meeting will be streamed live to YouTube for public viewing. The live stream of the meeting is accessible through the following link: View live stream on YouTube (opens new tab)

If you wish to submit a comment on an Agenda Item or speak at the meeting please contact us by email at [email protected] or by phone on 01524 727970.

Click here to download the minutes of this meeting (pdf)

Online Via Zoom at 10:00 on 10th December
Agenda Item Lead Officer Supporting Documents
1.   Chairman’s Announcements & Appointment of Vice Chair Chairman
2.   Declarations of Interests Chairman
3.   To receive minutes of the NWIFCA meeting held on 18th September 2020 Chairman Minutes
4.   Matters Arising Chairman
5.   To Make Byelaw 1 Minimum Conservation Reference Sizes Head of Enforcement View Item 5 Report

View Item 5 Annex B

6.   To Make Byelaw 2 North Wirral Foreshore Bivalve Molluscs Senior Scientist View Item 6 Report

View Item 6 Annex B

View Item 6 Annex C

View Item 6 Annex D

7.   Report on Finance & Personnel Committee held 9th December 2020 Chair of Finance & Personnel Sub-committee Verbal
8.   Financial Report Finance Officer View Item 8 Report
9.   Dates of Meetings 2021 Clerk View Item 9 Report
10. Patrol & Enforcement Report Head of Enforcement View Item 10 Report
11. Replacement of Whitehaven RIB Head of Enforcement View Item 11 Report
12. Chief Executive Officer’s Report CEO View Item 12 Report
13. Science Report Senior Scientist View Item 13 Report

View Item 13 Annex A

View Item 13 Annex B

View Item 13 Annex C

14. Technical Science and Byelaws Chair of TSB Verbal
15. Review of Policies, Procedures and Governance CEO/Chairman Verbal
16. Annual Plan 20-21 Monitoring Q2 CEO View Item 16 Report
17. Annual Plan 21-22 Draft CEO View Item 17 Report
18. Annual Report 19-20 CEO View Item 18 Report
19. Disclosable Interests & Dispensations CEO View Item 19 Report
20. Amendments to Constitution CEO View Item 20 Report
21. AOB Chairman