Technical, Science & Byelaws Meeting

Meeting of the Technical, Science & Byelaw Sub-Committee. The full agenda and supporting documents are available below.

Click here to download the minutes of this meeting.

Strathmore Hotel, Marine Road East, Morecambe, LA4 5AP
Agenda Item Lead Officer Supporting Documents
1.   Chairman’s Announcements Chairman
2.   Declarations of pecuniary and non-pecuniary interest in Agenda items Chairman
3.   To receive the Minutes of the Technical, Science and Byelaw Sub-Committee meeting held on 1st August 2017 Chairman Minutes
4.   Matters Arising Chairman
5.   Science Summary Report Senior Scientist Report 5
6.   St Bees Voluntary Code of Conduct Senior Scientist Report 6
7.   Monitoring and Control Plans Senior Scientist Report 7

Annex A

8.   Cockle and Mussel Report Senior Scientist & Acting HoE Report 8 (Sci)

Report 8 (Enf)

9.   Byelaw Review CEO Report 9
10. Byelaw Review: Byelaw 3 CEO Report 10

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