Crab Tiling in Walney Channel and Duddon Estuary

Chinese Mitten Crab (Eriocheir sinensis) Photo Credit: Christian Fischer [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

North Western Inshore Fisheries and Conservation Authority are focusing work on obtaining evidence to show the absence of the non-native Chinese Mitten Crab around Barrow, and other parts of Morecambe Bay. With fishermens’ permission, IFCOs have inspected crab tiles and fishermen have been asked to keep a watchful eye and report what they are finding under the tiles to us. Every report helps to build up a picture which is needed to show areas where mussel from the Bay goes for aquaculture is non-native free. If you check your tiles and only find shore crabs we could do with knowing that. If you find a crab that you suspect is a Chinese Mitten Crab please follow the guidance available here.

We have also been directed by Defra to collect data on crab tiling activity along with other bait collection and hand-gathering. All IFCAs have been instructed to assess these activities in Marine Protected Areas. NWIFCA does NOT anticipate that the levels of activity in NWIFCA District will require any management. Accurate data is needed to show this. We have an online questionnaire for bait collectors to assist us in getting the full picture. If you’d like to help us please follow this link: